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Print Power 2018

Many thanks to everyone who attended our Print Power event.

St Austell Printing Company and Business Cornwall Magazine welcomed over 60 people from local businesses and organisations to our first ever Print Power event, which took place on the 20th July 2018 at St Austell Conference Centre.

This half-day event featured presentations and workshops full of useful advice and tips to help ensure the delegates printed marketing is engaging, cost-effective and as sustainable as it can be.

The speakers included Dawn Reid from the BPIF, Jonathan Tame from Two Sides and Matt Bunt from St Austell Printing Company.

There was then three workshops hosted by John Chapple from Paragon Customer Communication Solutions, Toni and Nick Eyriey from Business Cornwall Magazine, as well as a tour of the impressive St Austell Printing Company Factory.


Jonathan Tame

UK Country Manager, Two Sides

Jonathan is the UK Country Manager for the Two Sides campaign, which promotes the sustainability of print and paper.

Recent research shows print is often preferred above other mediums and is highly effective for organisations building and strengthening their brands. However, consumer perception is that the environmental impact of digital communications is lower, mislead by “greenwash” claims from organisations encouraging customers to move to on-line billing to save them money.

The reality is that paper and cardboard, made from trees, is a natural, renewable and recyclable material and is the sustainable communication of choice. With facts and knowledge, Two Sides informs consumers of the unique and sustainable qualities of print and paper, why business should feel confident it is a sustainable means of communication and the questions you should be asking of your print supplier to ensure your print is as sustainable as possible.

Jonathan has over 30 years’ experience in this sector, recent roles included; Head of Environment for PaperlinX merchants, and leading a successful government programme to increase consumption of recycled paper.

Dawn Reid

Regional Director, BPIF (British Printing Industries Federation)

Dawn Reid is a Regional Director at the BPIF, the principal business support organisation representing the UK print, printed packaging and the graphic communication industry.

For marketers in this digital age, the number of cross-media marketing options has greatly increased. No longer are you limited by the traditional big three of radio, television and print, but now they can be incorporated through social media, websites, email, videos, mobile phone applications, paid search, digital ads on websites and more!

However, how many of these ACTUALLY work, what is the current thinking around cross-media marketing (CMM) and which is the obvious sustainable communication choice?

The BPIF is the principal business support organisation representing the UK print, printed packaging and the graphic communication industry. It is one of the country’s leading trade associations.

Dawn has been the Regional Director for the British Printing Industry’s Federation Midland and SW regions for around 13 years, running the BPIF Special Interest Group for Books as well as representing the regions on the Bank of England Economic Panel. Previously having spent 15 years in covering employment law  in the automotive sector, Dawn was originally a linguist having also spent time both studying and working in France as a translator. 




There will be workshop sessions where you can choose to participate in two of the three available workshops.


The Story of your Print

Jon Hart, Beth Mayman and Matt Bunt from St Austell Printing Company will be taking you a journey of how your print makes it from the PDF you send us, through to delivery.

We’ve got one of the most modern printing factories in the South West and in this special tour you can see first-hand how products are created for clients including Whistlefish Galleries, Rick Stein, The Eden Project and The National Trust amongst others. There’s also the chance to watch the production of the card game Top Trumps, which are printed by SAPC.

This is a great opportunity to get an understanding of the processes, skill and machinery involved in creating your printed materials.

Creating PR that actually gets published

Toni Eyriey is the publisher of Business Cornwall Magazine, Cornwall’s only dedicated monthly business publication, featuring a lively blend of news, views and interviews from the Cornish business sector.

With many years of experience, Toni will share hints and tips on how to create PR that will actually get noticed by editors. She will cover

  • The five golden questions
  • What makes a newsworthy press release?
  • The importance of photography
  • Knowing your market/audience

This is a rare opportunity to get an insight to the conversations and expectations of editors and publishers, and how you can create copy and material that they will want to publish – giving you those all-important column inches.

Why mail? A exploration of how printed mail can drive effective marketing results in-line with traditional digital communications. 

John Chapple at Paragon Customer Communications (Formerly Imprimus) demonstrates some exciting ways you can use digital communications in-line with printed mail, so to create successful cross-channel marketing with QR codes and Augmented Reality.

John also examines how households and consumers react with personalised print, ie how long it stays in the house in each section, how different age groups react with it.

Paragon Customer Communications (Formerly Imprimus) is based in Redruth has been helping the UK’s most trusted brands get more from their customer communications since 1988. From letters and direct mail to combined paper and digital communications, they works alongside its customers to help them make informed communications decisions that reduce mailing costs, eliminate risks and increase engagement.


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