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Print Power

Print Power 2019 at St Austell Printing Company

Thank you to everyone who attended our second Print Power event!

St Austell Printing Company and Business Cornwall Magazine hosted their second Print Power Event, which took place on Thursday 11th July 2019.

We’ve had some great feedback from the event, and we hope our attendees found it useful. We are committed to promoting the power of print in all forms – and we hope they came away with some great ideas on how they can use print more effectively and sustainably.

Thank you very much to all our presenters and workshop facilitators for sharing their time and expertise.

2019 Speakers

Sarah Wallis

Media Specialist, Royal Mail

Sarah is one of only 20 Royal Mail Media Specialists in the UK, with over 20 years experience across the entire portfolio of Royal Mail products.

In our digitally optimised world, customer targeting has never been easier. But now we receive up to 10,000 marketing messages a day, it’s also never been harder to cut through all the noise.

A recent neuroscience study shows mail can make a difference. Research shows mail is remembered 35% more than social media and 49% more than email.

Sarah will discuss findings from one of the largest media studies of its kind and give ideas on how printed marketing through mail can drive a successful multi-platform campaign. She will also share results from Royal Mail’s 18-month research programme, The Private Life of Mail, which brings together unprecedented insight into the role of mail in people’s homes, hearts and heads, plus the impact this has on advertisers’ ROI.

Sarah started working for the parcels business at Royal Mail, Parcelforce Worldwide, and has account managed some of their largest customers in the South West including H Tempest and Letterbox Children’s Toys. After discovering that her clients would spend a lot more with me on parcels if they were also using mail led to Sarah moving over to work for Royal Mail directly, and over the years she has worked with; and still work with some of the South West’s biggest direct mail users.

Sarah’s current role is as a Media Specialist, supporting her clients to maximise their return on investment in mail. Sarah specialised in the Charity Sector particularly for four years and was nationally based.

After having two children, travelling constantly lost its appeal, so Sarah moved to work as territory based media specialist covering the whole South West. Sarah still looks after some of her charity clients – including The National Trust, RNLI and Help for Heroes. However her role is now far wider and she works with a huge variety of clients from catalogue specialists such as Seasalt Ltd and Celtic & Co, through to travel giants including P & O Cruises.


Jim Whittington

Digital Sales Manager, Antalis UK

Jim will be giving you useful information on how you can make your print work harder.

·        Standing out from the crowd – Be different / Give more

·        Print embellishment – CMYK+ – Special inks / Foils / Effects / White

·        Omni channel – AR/QR & NFC – Powercoat

·        Do brands care about paper? – 12 stories

·        Creative papers

Antalis UK are one of the UK’s biggest paper and packaging companies.

Having worked within the creative papers team for a decade Jim joined the new Antalis digital team in 2014 before taking up the lead of the team in 2018.

Jim joined the James McNaughton Paper Group in 2002 which went on to become Antalis in 2008.

Previously Jim was an account manager for Scheufelen Premium Papers Ltd looking after amongst other the Consort, Paralux and Skye brands of paper. Originally he joined the paper trade in 1997 working with HH Pegg in the newsprint business.


Naomi Shelley

Paper Consultant, Antalis UK

Naomi will be presenting “Creative Paper in the Digital Age – by 12 iconic designers”, also introducing you to the new colours and textures now on offer from the Paper Book,

Antalis UK are one of the UK’s biggest paper and packaging companies.

Having joined James McNaughton Paper Group in 1999, Naomi has been in the specification team, working with designers, brands and printers to promote creative papers in the South East and South West of England since 2003.  The company became Antalis in 2008 and since then the focus has been on the Arjo Wiggins Creative Papers portfolio.

Previously Naomi worked for the Swedish mill group Stora, moving into sales with several paper merchants working in the office papers sector and then print sales.


Adrian Taylor

Head Designer, Tonick Business Publishing

Adrian is one of Cornwall’s most experienced designers, having worked in the design and marketing sector since graduating college in 1990. He now works at Tonick Publishing, designing magazines such as Business Cornwall and The Balance.

Adrian will share his experience to help you to ensure your designs are as effective as they can be, including the importance on focusing on your target audience, creating a brand that reflects your product and how to make the most of professional photography.

Whilst at two prestigious design agencies in Cheltenham, Adrian created many designs for blue-chip companies such as Apple, Schweppes, Bulmers, Gulf Oil, Smith Crisps and many more.

He relocated to Cornwall in 1992 and worked for a Plymouth advertising agency and later a printing company as a Studio Manager and a Senior Designer.

In 1999 he co-founded a Truro-based agency – Aawen – specialising in design solutions for small businesses, charities and the public sector.




There will be workshop sessions where you can choose to participate in two of the three available workshops.


The Story of your Print

Jon Hart, Beth Mayman and Matt Bunt from St Austell Printing Company will be taking you a journey of how your print makes it from the PDF you send us, through to delivery.

We’ve got one of the most modern printing factories in the South West and in this special tour you can see first-hand how products are created for clients including Whistlefish Galleries, Rick Stein, The Eden Project and The National Trust amongst others. There’s also the chance to watch the production of the card game Top Trumps, which are printed by SAPC.

This is a great opportunity to get an understanding of the processes, skill and machinery involved in creating your printed materials.

Creating PR that actually gets published

Toni Eyriey is the publisher of Business Cornwall Magazine, Cornwall’s only dedicated monthly business publication, featuring a lively blend of news, views and interviews from the Cornish business sector.

With many years of experience, Toni will share hints and tips on how to create PR that will actually get noticed by editors. She will cover

  • The five golden questions
  • What makes a newsworthy press release?
  • The importance of photography
  • Knowing your market/audience

This is a rare opportunity to get an insight to the conversations and expectations of editors and publishers, and how you can create copy and material that they will want to publish – giving you those all-important column inches.

Power-up your PDF: proofreading for print

As Lighthouse Proofreading, Lorraine Williams specialises in proofreading those fiddlier PDF and spreadsheet formats.

Print lasts. And so do first impressions. Your clear content and sleek design won’t cut it if there are accidental typos or inconsistent formatting. So how do you keep your readers hooked? With a darn good proofread.

Don’t sigh. Proofreading can seem monotonous and overwhelming. But you’ve paid for that PDF to be printed for a reason, right? So it needs to dazzle. Not distract.

Lorraine battles the boredom by breaking proofreading down into five stages to power-up your PDFs.

The session will cover:

  • How proofreading for Word and PDF isn’t the same
  • How it fits into the design process
  • Why working in stages makes all the difference
  • The five steps to proofreading success

It’s a fantastic chance to discover how to catch those little details your readers see but you may have never noticed before. And all before they go to print.

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