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Another day. Another digital giant embracing print.

Date 18th January 2019
Category Print power
Another day. Another digital giant embracing print.

To regular readers, this might feel like a “copy and paste” moment. Yet another digital giant has decided to embrace print to drive sales. However, this one is probably the biggest surprise of them all.

We’ve already told you about how Facebook, Mailchimp and even ITV have started to embrace print as an effective marketing medium. Well now it’s the turn of Amazon.

The world’s fourth-biggest company is cited by many as being the blame for the demise of the high street. However, this online behemoth is currently experimenting with lots of more “traditional” projects. This includes opening actual bookshops and grocery stores in America, built from bricks and mortar.

In November last year, a toy catalogue was mailed out to millions of people across the USA. The 68-page catalogue was called ‘A Holiday of Play’ and was planned, created and mailed by Amazon. You can view a PDF version of it here.

There’s a few things you might notice. Firstly, there are no prices – readers are invited to scan the images in the pages using their smartphone and be taken direct to the corresponding page on Featured toys also come with QR Codes (or ‘Smilecodes’) that can be scanned in the Amazon app.

Let’s face it. Big companies such as Amazon, Facebook and ITV don’t just do things “on a whim” – especially when it comes to multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns. So the fact that these brands have chosen print to play a part in their marketing mix shows there must be a massive benefit to them. After all, print engages the reader and gains their full attention, increasing customer loyalty and, more importantly, sales.

Facebook, Google, ITV, Facebook, Amazon – all moving in to 2019 using print. Spot the trend?

Read more. including research from Royal Mail on why printed catalogues still have a place in the role of driving sales from Print Power here.

Elements of this article have been referenced from this article from Print Power.

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