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Quality hotels and hospitality providers deserve quality print.

Date 26th April 2019
Category News | Print power
Quality hotels and hospitality providers deserve quality print.

It’s easy to feel spoilt for choice when you’re marketing your brand. With an abundance of digital platforms at your disposal, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the true power of ink on paper.

Print is exciting. It’s an opportunity to create marketing which reflects the quality of your hospitality business. Booking is an emotional decision, with foundations built of aspirations and excitement combined with a hunger for credibility. 

Print’s tangibility feels ‘human and real’ against a backdrop of fleeting, competing communication vying for people’s attention. It’s engaged with, and remembered by, people of all ages – even younger and more digitally engaged audiences. Print cuts through the digital noise.

Print also creates an emotional connection with the reader. Quality print helps to promote credibility and because it’s a multi-sensory experience, the reader’s brain reacts and retains the information differently to other marketing platforms.

For example, research has shown that paper-based reading is widely associated with better transfer to long-term memory and clearer comprehension. In essence, reading on paper is slower and deeper as opposed to reading on screen which is faster and more in a scanning mode.

This is backed up by recent independent neurological research commissioned by Royal Mail which shows that mail has a power impact on retaining information – 49% more effective than email and 35% stronger than social media advertising. However, when used in conjunction, printed marketing can boost the effectiveness of these digital platforms. Memory encoding for social media advertising was 44% higher when people had seen print first.

Mail reaches people directly in their homes and gains their full attention. JICMAIL are the independent body that collates and reports the effectiveness and engagement of direct printed marketing through door drops and direct mail. Their data shows that 94% of mail is engaged with in some way and that addressed advertising mail is interacted with four times on average.

Plus, if your print is of an exceptional quality then it could be retained for longer. It’s not unusual for brochures to live on a coffee table for weeks, being revisited and leafed-through. You’re selling something aspirational, a lifestyle product; therefore people are more receptive to engaging with your messages.

St Austell Printing Company specialise in helping accommodation and hospitality providers create quality, printed marketing materials. If you’d like to chat further then please get in contact with our experts on 01726 624900 and find out more here.

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