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Looking for a better open rate? Then you need direct mail.

Date 4th February 2019
Category News | Print power
Looking for a better open rate? Then you need direct mail.

When it comes to getting your message noticed, direct mail offers a unique way to engage with customers with an excellent return on investment.

JICMAIL are the independent body that collates and reports the effectiveness and engagement of direct printed marketing through door drops and direct mail. Their latest report makes for interesting reading and shows that in this digital world, print still cuts through the noise to achieve some pretty impressive things.

  • 62% of all addressed mail is opened immediately, with a further 19% opened subsequently.
  • 62% of all door drops are opened, read or looked at.

In the majority of households there is clearly an identifiable household co-ordinator who takes responsibility for sorting the mail and distributing it to other people in the household. The majority of household co-ordinators are women (69%).

When it comes to addresses mail, open rates in the first instance for utilities, financial services, grocery and charity are the highest (between 70-73%).

  • 44% of advertising mail is still live (ie. Not been disposed of) after four weeks.

With our own mailing and fulfilment department, not only can we print your promotional materials we can also facilitate your direct mailing all under one roof. We are able to personalise your campaigns with secure mail merges and advise on the best ways to save on the cost of your postage. Get in contact with our experts on 01726 624900.

With 81% of of all addressed mail being opened, ask yourself – when was the last time you had an open rate that high with your email marketing?

Source:  JICMAIL Q2 2017 to Q1 2018, Kantar TNS, 2018  |  Base:  Addressed Mail Items n=20,684

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