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SAPC’s new brochure and film “AR” released

Date 10th June 2019
Category News | Print power
SAPC’s new brochure and film “AR” released

We’re always looking for interesting and different ways to promote the power of print – that’s why we’re really excited to reveal our brand new brochure which features Augmented (AR) technology.

Augmented reality uses technology to superimpose information — sounds, images and video on the print, using a mobile phone or tablet. Some of the pages in the SAPC brochure contain a “Zapcode”. When this is scanned with free mobile app “Zappar” the page comes to life with a film featuring the people, departments and processes featured.

The brochure’s cover also features a minimalist look, with the main SAPC logo foiled in silver and lines in the background finished with a spot UV varnish. Both of these finishes were completed in-house by SAPC’s brand new Specialist Finishing Department and the brochure was sustainably printed on the company’s efficient instant-drying press, using FSC® certified stock.

Matt Bunt, SAPC Marketing and Communications Manager said: “We’re really happy with the finished brochure. SAPC are committed to helping people embrace print; As part of this, we feel it’s important for clients to have an understanding of the processes and skills involved in it’s production.

“The film on each page gives a more-detailed look at each stage as well as our experts who make things happen.”

The brochure goes hand-in-hand with a brand new film introducing the company, which was released last week and the both were produced in conjunction with Liskeard-based Studio Wallop.

Matt continued: “When it comes to marketing, print and digital work really well together. We feel that the new brochure, AR and films will be testament to this.”

To enjoy the AR within our brochure, you will need to download the free “Zappar” app to your mobile phone or tablet. More details and links to the App Store and Google Play Store are available here.

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