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What is Greenwashing?

Date 31st August 2017
What is Greenwashing?

“Go Green – Go Paperless” and “Save Trees” are common messages seen these days, as many organisations encourage their customers to switch to electronic transactions and communications. But are these appeals based on fact? SAPC’s Jon Hart takes a look at the latest from Two Sides.

We’ve seen it before. Everyone from our energy company, to our mobile phone provider and even bank has at one point or another encouraged us to ditch paper communications – and by doing so, you’ll help the environment.

However, as we previously discussed digital and online platforms aren’t always as environmentally-friendly as people presume. So the environmental claim that accompanies a “ditch the paper” message can sometimes be unsubstantiated or misleading. This is called “Greenwashing”.

Two Sides in a global initiative promoting the responsible use of print and paper which, when sourced from certified or sustainably managed forests, is a uniquely powerful and natural communications medium.

70% of companies have changed or removed misleading messages following discussions with Two Sides, including HSBC and TalkTalk.

Two Sides have put together this informative video which shares some facts and figures around Greenwashing.

Some useful figures if your company is thinking about “ditching paper”

  • 84% of UK consumers do not like it when companies take away their right to choose their communication method. (Keep Me Posted UK, 2015).
  • 60% of EU consumers would not choose a company which does not offer a paper bill. (Keep Me Posted EU, 2016)


Jon Hart is the Regional Account Manager at St Austell Printing Company.

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