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Video highlights the true power of paper

Date 7th December 2017
Video highlights the true power of paper

Not surprisingly, we’re print and paper geeks. When most people would trawl Youtube looking for the latest music videos, we’re on the lookout for videos of the latest printing machinery, finishing techniques and stories about paper.

That’s how we stumbled across this one from paper manufacturer Mondi. They’ve created a fantastic video showing off their love for paper and demonstrating the reasons paper has such an important place in this digital world.

Print creates an emotional connection with the reader. Because it’s a multi-sensory experience, your brain reacts and retains the information differently to other marketing platforms. Read more about some of the latest research into the power of paper and print at the recent “Power of Print” event in London.

Oh, and just because we’re print and paper geeks, doesn’t mean we’re not good dinner party guests. Honest.

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