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Specialist Finishing Services

Specialist Finishing Services

Upgrade your print with foiling, spot UV, embossing and die-cutting – all produced in-house which guarentees quality, exceptional value and unrivalled turnaround times.

We’re committed to helping you embrace the true power of print. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a wide range of specialist finishing options. We’ve invested in the latest technology to ensure the best quality and our experts have years of experience in helping print come to life.

Plus, because all aspects of your printing and finishing take place under the same roof, this means we can offer exceptional value and turnaround times too.


Spot UV

Spot UV is a varnish that can be applied to text or design elements in your printed piece and is set with an ultra-violet light. It can help elements jump off the page, creating a smooth and glossy effect.

We’ve recently invested in the latest technology, installing a Sakurai screenprinting press, UV screen preparation and automated washing equipment to ensure the most exceptional finishes and turnaround times.



Foiling is thin film of metallic foil which is impressed onto a document using a die – helping to create a really eye-catching piece of print and promoting quality.

We’ve invested in a brand new foiling machine to ensure the best quality possible.

We can offer a wide range of colours – just ask for samples and more details.



Embossing and Debossing

Embossing and debossing creates a stunning graphic element to a printed piece by allowing designs to be raised or depressed into paper.

Using heat and pressure, a metal plate containing a design, pattern or text is pressed into paper forming a raised image (or Debossing creates a lowered image).




Die Cutting

Die-cutting is the process of cutting a piece of paper or material to a custom shape and size. This could be used to do simple things such as create folders and round edges – right the way through to creating interesting and eye-catching pieces of print.

The process ensures that the size and shape of every single piece of print is identical.




Specialist finishing and the environment

None of our specialist finishing techniques affect the recyclability or reclamation of your printing. We only work with suppliers who have the highest of environmental credentials and we’ve invested in new technology which means we require fewer “make-ready” sheets, as well as using less power and water.

Of course, with everything under one roof your print isn’t travelling any unnecessary miles either.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability here.

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