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SAPC website collaboration with Electric Dialogue

Date 18th November 2016
Category News
SAPC website collaboration with Electric Dialogue

Knowing who we are delivers brand new attractive, user-friendly website

Working closely with digital marketing agency Electric Dialogue we created a website explaining what we do by revealing who we are.

SAPC and electric dialogueWe engaged Electric Dialogue to review our website and help us establish a stronger, fresher online presence for our e-commerce print shop and lay the groundwork for more effective digital marketing.

Their rigorous research revealed an underlying ethos driving our staff.

Electric Dialogue found that an inherent interest in people put relationships at the heart of SAPC’s success. Their research discovered our staff naturally build strong, meaningful connections with customers from a genuine desire to do what’s best and whatever it takes to get the job done well.

Sam Amps, marketing director for Electric Dialogue, commends our inclination to get to know people.

The first thing we do before developing a website for any client is to really get to know the business and their customers.  During interviews with frontline members of staff at SAPC, one outstanding theme kept cropping up: the staff’s capacity to understand what customers need. Our customer research uncovers an aptitude for developing trust and respect, building longstanding rapport. This is one reason their customers hold SAPC in such high esteem.

Results from a survey Electric Dialogue circulated to our customers reveals the care and attention they receive leads to loyalty, and a trend towards making recommendations and referrals.

Feedback from customers confirmed their appreciation that staff at SAPC really make time for them. They attribute this attention to staff’s honest commitment to doing an incredible job. We explained to the SAPC team that their website categorically needs to demonstrate this.

SAPC’s marketing manager Cat Wilkins welcomes Electric Dialogue’s meticulous approach, seeing it as an essential, valuable process that helped us craft a website which clearly illustrates exactly what SAPC is about.

What was most insightful from Electric Dialogue’s research was not only understanding how our customers see SAPC but grasping the significance of this and what it means for our marketing and communications. Sam and her team saw us through fresh eyes, they gave us their honest impressions, and so they understood first hand how our customers feel about us.

Ben Brougham, CEO of Electric Dialogue said our original website was selling us short.

When I first came to SAPC House to meet the team, their website in no way revealed what they have here, it was hard to believe it was the same company. The original SAPC website didn’t really communicate the professionalism of this place, the people, or their printing expertise. The challenge for our team was how to capture that SAPC sparkle on a website. How do you capture charisma?

When we started this process we thought we had quite a clear idea about what it is we do well.  Electric Dialogue led us through a thorough analysis of the company, making us work hard, taking us back to basics, getting us to articulate who we really are.

Our IT Manager Mark Naylor was instrumental in creating the new website.

We’ve worked really hard on this project to get it right – it’s been a lot of work for our small team but a worthwhile process. Electric Dialogue kept us focused on the customer, thinking about the customer journey, identifying who our customers are, and what those different customer groups need from SAPC.

We’re delighted with our new website and as always we’d love to hear your feedback, good or bad…

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