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Paper has a place

Date 28th July 2016
Category News | Print power

As digital communication increases, less information is distributed on paper in the name of sustainability.

A recent survey* of 7000 consumers worldwide (528 in UK) reveals many want to retain the choice of using print and paper, and they’re cynical about companies claiming environmental reasons for reducing paper communications.

74% want the option to continue receiving printed information as they feel it provides a permanent record for important documents.

83% who received environmental claims from organisations as a reason for reducing paper believed the genuine reasons were cost saving.

Respondents had concerns about the environmental impacts of print and paper although the majority recognised paper-based communications could be sustainable where recycling schemes are in place.

As communications continually shift towards digital, many consumers are told this is better for the environment.

This recent survey indicates an increasing understanding about print and paper, although it illustrates there’s still work to do to educate people about the extent of the sustainable credentials of the printing industry.

It’s good to see the evidence that paper and print still plays a part in people’s lives.


Read the full report from Two Sides

*Survey commissioned by Two Sides and carried out by international research company Toluna in June 2016. The survey was undertaken across 6 European countries; Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK, and internationally in; Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, North America and South Africa.

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