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New videos help spread the message of sustainability

Date 5th October 2017
New videos help spread the message of sustainability

Working with the environment is top of our list, it’s in everything we do.

Printing is a sustainable industry but people still believe print and paper are bad for the environment. We’re keen to set the record straight and show there are two sides to the story.

The good news for us is that paper is largely renewable and recyclable and we’re responsible for our product.

Here at SAPC, we built a print factory on its principles. The design of our building reduces our demand for energy and natural resources making our printing even more efficient.

We’ve produced a number of short videos sharing facts environmental credentials about us and the print and paper industry in general.

They are being used on our website and we’ll be using them across all our social media platforms too. It’s an effective way to get these messages across.

You can find out more about our commitment to sustainability and discover there’s two-sides of the story when it comes to the paper and printing industry here.


Watch the videos

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