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Why Marketers Should Target Millennials on the Doorstep

Date 16th November 2017
Why Marketers Should Target Millennials on the Doorstep

Imagine this. You’re a Marketing Manager who’s just been given a brief to get your company’s new product or service in front of “millennials”. Go-to Conventional wisdom dictates that you should target these demographics in the digital space – however, the doorstep is better, writes Jon Hart from St Austell Printing Company.

Ulbe Jelluma has written a fantastic article for Print Power which looks at how numerous recent studies confirm that direct mail marketing is often more effective, trusted and enjoyed by millennials than their digital counterparts. 

In summary, the research shows that direct printed mail is welcomed by millennials – in one survey 47% look forward to checking their post each day. Meanwhile, 40% of millennials read direct mail thoroughly and also spend more time reading their mail compared to other generations.

Digital marketing platforms are very powerful, however as their popularity continues to grow it becomes more challenging to stand out amongst the digital clutter. 

Take McDonalds. When the fast food giant announced the launch of McDelivery in the UK this summer, it turned to Royal Mail Door Drop.

Also, as we discovered at the recent Power of Print event in London, printed materials leave a deeper impact on the brain and produce more brain responses connected with emotions. In simple terms, it means that messages presented in this format have more of a lasting effect on the consumer.

In the article, Ulbe also talks about how digital technology makes more of your direct mail. QR codes, augmented reality and digital interactive elements are now real options with the advent of accessible technology and consumer familiarity with such technology.

Have a read of the full article here. 

At St Austell Printing Company not only are we experts in print, but we also provide a full range of finishing and fulfilment as well. So not only can we print, we can send it as well – all under one roof.

Find out more about our mailing and fulfilment services here. If you’d like any further advice then you can also give me a ring on 01726 624900 or email


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