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Are you making the most of your printed marketing materials?

Date 3rd May 2017
Category Useful Articles
Are you making the most of your printed marketing materials?

As it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out in the crowded world of digital marketing printed marketing materials from business cards to brochures, banners to boards offer a genuine opportunity to be differentiate your company from your competitors – writes Jon Hart, St Austell Print Company’s regional sales and account manager.

Modern printing help this by encouraging innovative design, product flexibility and creative fulfilment enabling printed materials to define your business, its culture, and values.

But are you making the most of this opportunity or are you just pressing the ‘reorder’ button?

A number of companies I work with undertake every six months a marketing review at which they challenge all of their marketing activity including the way they use printed materials.

If you undertake such a review here are five questions to ask about your printed material activity:

1.    What are we printing? Rounding up all of your printed materials can be quite an eye opener but it does give you the chance to see exactly what you are offering and the messages you are putting out.

2.    What is our message? One of the challenges in any business is ensuring a consistency of marketing message so that what it says on your leaflets, ties in with your brochure, event banners, business cards etc… and links to the messages on your digital marketing platforms – your website, social media, e-newsletter etc…

3.    Who is seeing our printed material? It’s easy to waste your investment in printed material by having it sit in boxes in the corner of your office. If you’ve had it printed then get it distributed.

4.    Does the design and style match the image we want to portray of our company? Printed material is a often a bigger reflection of your company than digital marketing simply because it’s tangible – people can hold it, touch it, feel it. What does a cheap looking, poorly designed and printed leaflet say about a company?

5.    Are we printing too many? Modern digital presses (including our own) enable you to print small runs – as little as 10 if need be – so you can be very precise in what you print, avoid wastage and ensure if anything changes your printed material are always up to date.

As part of the service we offer at St Austell Printing Company if you would like some expert input and advice when undertaking your print review, I would be delighted to come along and help you undertake that review. I’ll be able to share with you the latest ideas in printing innovation and show you examples of how other companies are making the most of their printed material investment.

To set that up simply call me on 01726 624900.

And don’t forget to ask me about our mailing and fulfilment services.

I look forward to helping you make the most of your printed marketing materials.

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