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Is digital marketing dead?

Date 24th March 2016
Category News | Print power

The Digital Marketing Show has re-branded to ‘Integrated Live’ and partnered with The Guardian for the 2016 industry event.

In an email to subscribers the subject line ‘Is Digital Marketing Dead?’ was well received at SAPC House, raising a few smiles as a refreshing headline change.

We don’t suppose we’re the only company pleased to see the tables turned.

It’s never really gone anywhere but physical marketing is quite clearly back and playing a key part in delivering a robust marketing mix.

2016 could be the year the balance tips as companies realise digital is only part of the package for customers.

Trinity Mirror has launched its daily paper New Day, Watersones book sales increased 5% in December as e-readers fell, and Amazon plans to open high street stores to offer a more personal shopping experience.

Exciting times ahead for the printing industry.

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