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Catching the bug with direct mail marketing

Date 12th July 2017
Category Print power
Catching the bug with direct mail marketing

One of the reasons direct mail marketing is so powerful is because it gives you the opportunity to do the things that other marketing platforms simply cannot achieve. For example, when was the last time you saw an online banner for a perfume, which also smelt like the fragrance?

We’re always on the lookout for original ideas and creative inspiration for printed marketing materials – and this one has come all the way from Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates, business cards slipped under apartment doors are a common feature of daily life.

So when pest control company Boecker Public Health wanted a low-cost, innovative way to push their way through a crowded market to get the attention of their potential customers.

JWT Dubai created a door drop solution that combined the two. What they came up with was a unique business card, one that folded out into a small replica of a kitchen that would not only tell the customer that they had a cockroach problem but give them the number to call to remove them.

If they left the piece of card in their kitchen overnight, any cockroaches would be attracted to the card by its edible ink, which they would eat to reveal a hotline number for the customer to call. And it worked: by targeting and distributing cards in towers known to be pest hotspots!

This unique piece of door drop achieved a response rate of 11%, which was 9% higher than standard business cards in the market.

Calling on the services of a pest-control company is never something people choose to do. It’s usually a distress purchase, the sort of thing that is quite hard to market because people don’t want to talk about it. So this was an impressive way to stand out from the crowd, and achieve something that cannot be replicated online.

At St. Austell Printing Company, we’ve got the expertise to help create engaging print that commands attention. From design, to printing, finishing and even direct mail and fulfilment – we’ve got it all under one roof. Get in touch for a chat about your next project.

Find out more about this campaign on the Print Power website here.

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