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The SAPC Calendar 2020

Each year we team up with talented illustration students from Falmouth University to release the official St Austell Printing Company Calendar.

Since 2014, we’ve tasked the students to produce illustrations for each month, plus a cover based on a particular theme. This ties into the third year curriculum of their illustration course, and gives them the opportunity to work on a real, live project.

The entire production process takes place in-house, where thousands of the calendars are designed, printed and finished before being sent through our mailing and fulfilment department to clients and friends across the UK.

Since we started the collaboration, there’s been a real buzz around the calendar and that year’s theme. We’re always asked by clients when they are going to receive the next one, and which theme we’ll use next.

The calendar has proven to provide an excellent opportunity for the students to promote their work too. We have a large number of design and marketing agencies who receive a copy of the calendar each year, which has directly led to work for students.

Thank you to all the students for taking part in this years’ calendar project.


This year’s calendar brief: Land, Sea and Air.

All the artwork in this calendar was created by 13 very talented final year illustration students at Falmouth University.

We asked them to create artwork based on the theme of “Land, Sea and Air

“Land, Sea and Air” are three key ingredients which help define Cornwall’s identity

Land: From isolated moorlands, to picturesque beaches and rugged coastlines; the landscape of our county is one of the most diverse in
the country.

Shrouded in myth and legend, some of Cornwall’s landscape continues to be redefined by industry and progress.

Sea: Cornwall is the only county in the UK to be surrounded by water on three sides. A staple of Cornwall’s identity, the sea has fed generations and defined industries.

From smugglers to fishermen; Gig rowers to sailors and people using the coastline as
their playground.

Air: Cornwall is exposed to the full force of the prevailing south-westerly winds that blow in from the Atlantic Ocean.

This, combined with rural locations means that the county enjoys an excellent quality of air
to breathe.

Meanwhile the skies above Cornwall also have stories to tell; From commercial and military flights overhead, to the first ever transatlantic radio transmissions.

St Austell Printing Company Calendar 2019

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