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The St Austell Print Calendar 2018: Myths and Facts

St Austell Printing Company CalendarEvery year we team up with talented illustration students from Falmouth University to release the official St Austell Printing Company Calendar.

Since 2014, we’ve tasked the students to produce illustrations for each month, plus a cover based on a particular theme. This ties into the third year curriculum of their illustration course, and gives them the opportunity to work on a real, live project.

The entire production process takes place in-house, where thousands of the calendars are designed, printed and finished before being sent through our mailing and fulfilment department to clients and friends across the UK.

Since we started the collaboration, there’s been a real buzz around the calendar and that year’s theme. We’re always asked by clients when they are going to receive the next one, and which theme we’ll use next.

The calendar has proven to provide an excellent opportunity for the students to promote their work too. We have a large number of design and marketing agencies who receive a copy of the calendar each year, which has directly led to work for students.

Thank you to all the students for taking part in this years’ calendar project.


2018’s theme – Myths and Facts

It’s easy for the truth to get distorted or exaggerated. Facts can be selective and when taken out of context can be interpreted differently.

It’s important to understand that it’s not always malicious. Sometimes a tale evolves into a myth over time to become more entertaining – or to serve an alternative purpose.

We work closely with Two Sides to dispel myths around the environmental effects of paper and print – and tell both sides of the story.

The misconceptions about print and paper are still a major issue for the industry. All too often, we see messages from organisations such as; “Go Green – Go Paperless” and “Do your bit for the environment and choose e-billing”

These messages are unsubstantiated, misleading and can have a lasting effect on consumer perceptions of print and paper.

The print and paper industry is a world leader when it comes to sustainably-managed materials, renewable energy and recycling.

The brief given to our illustrators

“Create an illustration around the theme of Myths and Facts.

Make your illustration topical for a month reflected in your use of colour, imagery or tone.”

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