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Argos puts catalogue at the heart of their Christmas TV advert

Date 7th November 2019
Category Print power
Argos puts catalogue at the heart of their Christmas TV advert

Argos has centred its Christmas advertising campaign around its catalogue, for the first time in a decade reports Retail Week.

The ad centres around a father who, while flipping through the Argos Christmas catalogue, sees that his daughter has circled a drum kit in the catalogue.

The retailer has named its Christmas catalogue edition ‘The Book of Dreams’ for 2019, and said the ad “delivers on this promise by making a father and daughter’s dreams come true”.

The advert is designed to tap into the emotional decisions when making purchasing decisions. It invites you to feel the nostalgia of leafing through the Argos catalogue as a child; dreaming of what might be, come Christmas morning.

Print is tangible, romantic, personal and engaging. Could you imagine the same emotional response if the father found a bookmark in her internet browser, or a long-winded web link hastily pasted into an email?

In recent years, Argos has concentrated much of its efforts and marketing messages on their online platforms. Therefore it speaks volumes that a major retailer like Argos, who built their empire on print are now choosing to embrace and re-ignite it’s love affair with print in a very public way.

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