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9 Charity Ad Mail Myths busted by JICMAIL

Date 14th October 2020
9 Charity Ad Mail Myths busted by JICMAIL

We’ve previously discussed the importance of direct mail and door drops, especially at a time when people spend more time at home and it gets harder to get your message across using digital platforms alone.

JICMAIL are the independent body that collates and reports the effectiveness and engagement of direct printed marketing through door drops and direct mail.

In a recent webinar, they tackled the many preconceptions that exist around the charity sector’s use of Advertising Mail, including whether it’s cost-effective, what responses it drives, and whether or not it appeals to a new generation of digitally-savvy audiences.

At JICMAIL, they’ve examined some of the most common myths and provided a data-driven response to each.

Some of the key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Charities topped the direct response ranking during lockdown. In Q2 2020 Charity mail provided a 9% response.
  • 95% of Charity Direct mail is engaged with (not immediately discarded), with 12% of recipients donating.
  • Most charity direct mail is opened, and most is read.
  • On average – each piece of direct charity mail is seen by 1.1 people. This means that a 1,000,000 addressed mail items would actually reach 1.1 million people.
  • Volunteers and donors engage much more with mail – research shows that the top 20% of people who engage with mail are more likely to give both time and money frequently to charity.
  • Charity directly mail and door drops strongly influence brand acquisition and retention metrics.
  • Young people engage with charity mail. 24% of recipients in the 17-34 age group discuss it – that’s 185% more than average.
  • Charity mail builds and supports recall of digital and traditional media charity campaigns

Watch the webinar below, where you will hear Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning examine 9 common myths about Charity Mail and how JICMAIL data can be used to challenge those perceptions.

Ian is joined by Clare Arndell, Head of Media Planning, EDIT; Isla Munro, Managing Director, Dragonfly and David McBride, Director, Access DM to discuss the implications of these findings.

With our own mailing and fulfilment department, not only can we print your promotional materials we can also facilitate your direct mailing all under one roof. We are able to personalise your campaigns with secure mail merges and advise on the best ways to save on the cost of your postage. We already work with a large number of charities across Cornwall and the UK. Get in contact with our experts on 01726 624900.


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